How I Lost 50 Pounds

“Hi, my name is Angela, I am 51 and as you have seen on Facebook, I already reached my ideal weight with Aline’s amazing plan.

The truth is that until my 2 daughters were born, I was an active person.

But having to take care of my family meant less free time, and I slowly started to notice my body was transforming the wrong way….
Around the age of 40 I was already a mom with a sedentary lifestyle…
I was always tired and didn’t have the energy my kids needed…
I also started to feel self-conscious of the way I looked…
I was afraid that I would lose my husband because I felt that he didn’t find me attractive anymore…
One day, a few years later, my youngest daughter saw a few old pictures of me…
“Mom, is this you? You were so thin and pretty!”
I am sure my daughter didn’t mean to offend me, but her remark absolutely crashed me inside…
As I cried myself to sleep that night I decided to get my old body back!
The next 7 years were a permanent struggle… I tried so many programs, but nothing worked and I always ended up quitting and gaining more weight …
And things got worse when menopause kicked in… I was always tired and started to have nightmares about my husband having affairs with younger women…
I felt so unhappy and so unworthy! I don’t even want to remember those days!
One day, while visiting my oldest daughter in Florida, I met Barbara.
She was my daughter’s best friend’s mom.
She was 51, just like me, but she was in such a great shape!
And when I asked her what her secret was, she told me that for the last few months she had been following the Morning Fat Melter program and she had been doing the easy 15 minutes workouts on her empty stomach each morning.
The program helped her balance her hormones, doubled her energy level and helped her lose over 40 pounds and many inches off her waist, thighs and arms.
When I got home, I bought the program on DVD.
As soon as I received it, I started the program.
I started each morning by drinking a cup of “belly flattening tea”, then did one of the easy 15 minutes workouts. This helped me lose 2 inches off my belly in just 3 days and 3 dress sizes in the first week, which made me really motivated.
Their meal plan was delicious and easy to prepare and the guidelines were easy to follow.
I also had to take 4 metabolism boosting herbs with my meals, which made all the difference!
From the first week, I felt as if my metabolism was on fire! My energy increased and my body was shaping up so fast. I lost 3 dress sizes in that week!
Because I had so much more energy, I became more focused at work and everybody started to compliment me!
Now, after just a few months, I lost over 40 pounds and over 6 dress sizes, I dissolved my stubborn belly and I am back to wearing my old skinny jeans!
And the best thing is that I hardly believe how my husband looks at me now!
He hasn’t looked at me this way since before we got married, while we were just teenagers and we were crazy in love.
He won’t keep his hands off me and he brings me flowers and tells me daily that I am beautiful and that he loves me ❤️
I feel slim, sexy, healthy and I am full of confidence now! 
Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with as much energy as you had in your twenties so that you could play with your kids or grandkids for hours without feeling any pain or fatigue 🙂
I don’t even want to think how my life would be now if I hadn’t started this program…. Maybe my husband would have left me for a younger woman….
Maybe I would be struggling with a terminal disease….
I certainly don’t want this to happen to you either, so….
This easy plan has helped me change my life and become a sexy, slim, and confident woman, so I think you will like it as well!
— Angela”